Food Policy

the lancetStrategic Science for Policy Impact

The PEACH lab conducts research on public health policies designed to improve the world’s diet and reduce obesity and eating disorders. Much of the lab’s work takes an approach we call “Strategic Science,” which is designed to create tighter links between research and food policy. In much of our work, we try to ask scientific questions that policy makers or policy influencers want answers to. We do this by identifying and reaching out to people in positions to enact change and co-creating research questions with them. Strategic Science also emphasizes the communication of research findings not only in scholarly publications, but in ways that are understandable and accessible to the policy world. You can read more about this approach here.

Food Policies to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits

Dr. Roberto has written a number of papers discussing food policies to improve diet. In a special Lancet issue on obesity, she and her colleagues describe the biological, psychological, social, and environmental forces that encourage over eating of unhealthy foods. Dr. Roberto has argued that environmental policies are necessary to reverse the obesity epidemic.

She has also co-authored another recent paper on public health policies to encourage healthier eating habits and has written about these ideas in popular media.

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